The campus where CT (Centro de Tecnologia) is situated, called Fundão, relies on three university cafeterias (which are going to be refered as university restaurant along the text), besides plenty of private restaurants and coffee shops. The cost of a regular meal at an UFRJ university restaurant, known in portuguese as Bandejão or RU (Restaurante Universitário) and whose use is exclusive for students and for the university staff, is R$2,00. It’s the cheapest option available, but it has some disadvantages those being the long lines. You can easily spend more than an hour waiting wich is why sometimes it’s better to chose other restaurants located inside CT who are also relatively cheap, going for about R$ 25 on average.

There are 3 RU located at Fundão those being:

  1. Ct’s RU located at Bloco A
  2. Faculdade de Letras (Faculty of Languages), which is about 5~10 minutes far from CT by foot, not a big problem compared to the time you’ll usually expend standing to get a meal.
  3. The other one is the Bandejão Central, the problem is its distance from CT. You’ll have to ride a bike under burning sun or take an internal bus line (which is often crowded at midday) to reach there, and this take some time, which you don’t have if you’re taking courses at 1 p.m.

You can always check the menu of the day by accessing this link!

RUs working hours:


Monday to Friday

from 10:30h to 14:30h, for lunch.

from 17:30h to 20:00h, for dinner.


Monday to Friday

from 11:15h to 14:00h, for lunch.

from 17:30h to 20:00h, for dinner.


Monday to Friday

from 11:00h to 14:00h, for lunch.

from 17:30h to 20:00h, for dinner.

Weekends and Holidays

from 12:00h to 14:00h, for lunch.

from 17:30h to 19:30h, for dinner.

What is required to eat at an university restaurant?

1. You have to be properly registered as a foreign student at DARI, with no pending documentation;

2. Always take with you the stamped document (provided by DARI) proving that you’re a regular student at UFRJ. Sometimes they ask you to show it;

3. Before getting inside an university restaurant, you will have to type on a keyboard the following:



The login digits provided by DARI in our first meeting


As already said, as an alternative, CT counts on many restaurants and coffee shops, arranged as kiosks throughout the CT main corridor. There you can buy snacks and have lunch for R$12~R$25 as usual price range.

You can also bring your meal from home and heat it in microwaves ovens available at CAENG or DAEQ. Both are engineering students academic centers, where you can also chill out when you got nothing to do or when you have a big time gap between classes.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate contacting us!

Coment bellow if everything was fine when you tried to eat at an university restaurant!

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