In case you’re planning to have access to private assets (such as bank accounts or cell phone numbers on a SIM card) you must have this document.

The CPF, acronym of “Cadastro de Pessoa Física” (something like Individual Person Register), is an eleven digits number that registers you at Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

It’s MANDATORY for double degree students, because they are going to need it later to obtain their Brazilian diploma.

      I. The first step is generating an application form for your later CPF issuance:

You can find it online here, fill out the form with your personal information and print it. (The form is in portuguese, so in case you are having trouble to fill it, there is a following guide with pictures):

  • Application form guide:

By clicking on the link we provided, you must have been directed to this page. Now, you must fill the blanks spaces with your personal information as you can see below on a simple example:

Note that you should use your Brazilian address. After putting in your CEP, some information about the address may be auto filled.

If you’re having problems to find your CEP, here is a tip for you:

You can verify on this site, it’s very simple:

After having your form filled out, you should click on the “Enviar” button. You must get in a page like this:

Now print this document and that’s it! Remember that you should take it to the Receita Federal building, along with your passport and your documents from your country.

In case the online scheduling is unavailable, you can go to the nearest Correios post office  with your original passport and its copy, pay a R$7 fee, and they will fill the form for you. (Some websites also recommend you to take the copy of your visa with you, as well as a proof of residence (electricity bill, for example, in your name).

      II. Now that you have your filled form in hand, just take it to a Receita Federal Building with your passport and its copy (if you went to the Correios, we recommend you to bring the receipt of the fee, just in case).

Be ready to wait a few minutes on the line. Fortunately, your CPF will be ready on the spot!

That’s it my fellows! We hope this guide is usefull for you and don’t hesitate to contact us if needed!

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