In case you’re planning to have access to private goods that are public registered in Brazil (as bank accounts or cell phone numbers on a SIM card) you’ll have to get this document. The CPF, acronym for “Cadastro de Pessoa Física” (in english, it means something like Individual Person Register), is an eleven digits number that registers you at Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

It’s MANDATORY for double degree students, because they are going to need it later to obtain their Brazilian diploma.

This guide is very complete and really well explained, couting on many pictures to help you. Anyways, these are the simplified guidelines:

1. First of all, you have to fill out this application form and print it (follow the mentioned guide for a better explanation of all the fields on the application form).

2. After that, go to the nearest Correios Post Office carrying your original passport and its copy, besides the printed application form. There you’ll have to pay a R$7,00 fee and to sign a document. You will be given a receipt that proves you have paid the fee.

Some websites also recommend you to take the copy of your visa with you, as well as a proof of residence (electricity bill, for example, in your name).

3. Finally, go to a Receita Federal Building taking with you the gotten receipt and your passport. According to this website, the easiest way of acquiring this document is to go to the one located on Rua Barão da Torre, 296 – Ipanema which opens from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 3pm. Be ready to wait a few minutes on the line. Fortunately, your CPF will be ready on the spot!!

Obs.: The abovementioned website doesn’t mention you have to go to a Correios Post Office before heading to this specific receita federal building. It says that by only bringing your passport and its copy with you (or your RNM and its copy, if you already have it), you can get your CPF. However, we strongly recommend you to follow all the previous explained steps, not to waste your time. It’s more reliable.

Comment below how the process of getting your CPF was and even tips, if you have any. In case of difficulties, don’t hesitate contacting us.


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